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Other Resources

We are often asked for help with other pet-related problems. We've compiled a list of resources for you, and will continue to update this list.

Nomad Pet Fostering maintains a public, free database of pet vaccination records. These records do not contain any identifying information about owners, but they can help agencies who may come into contact with your pet to save resources. Additionally, we store a digital version of what you send us that you can then access at any time. This is very useful if you lose your pet's paper vaccination certificates.

There are actually a lot of places you can get free/low-cost basic services, such as vaccinations, wellness exams, flea prevention, deworming, etc. Not every provider on this list offers every one of these things, so please double-check with them. Click on the header of this section ("Basic Vet Services") for a list of providers.

We know that trying to get care for your pet can be extremely stressful, especially when money is tight. Clicking on the header of this section, "If Your Pet is Sick or Injured", will take you to a list of low-cost providers AND charitable organizations that may provide financial assistance for this.

We do not require that pets we work with are spayed or neutered. That being said, there are MANY reasons why having your pet "fixed" is in the best interest of your pet and the community at large. Click on the header of this section, "You Want to Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered" for ways to get this done for free or at very low cost.

Sometimes, you just can't keep your pet. There are many reasons, and this is a painful circumstance to be in. Clicking on the header of this section, "You Need to Give Up Your Pet Permanently", will take you to a list of local animal shelters.

This may be the scariest thing you've been through. Worrying about what will become of your pets if they stay with you through this transition is probably amplifying that fear. What you decide to do about your pets is a deeply personal decision, and we will not give an opinion here. Know that we are here in the case that you decide to keep your pets, and then suddenly are forced away from them by hospitalization or arrest. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to care for your pets for the entire time you are between homes. What we CAN do, is help you to find resources to find a new home as quickly as possible. Click on the header, "You Are Losing Your Shelter", for more details.

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