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Thank you!

We have two major needs: VOLUNTEERS and funds for vet bills.

                                                              General Vet Fund

You can also donate to our operations budget, which is what we use to pay the rest of the bills.


                                                             Keep the Lights On



If you have pet supplies to donate, please email us at! Any supplies we cannot use will be donated to a local humane society. 

If you want to donate something other than time that you are sure we can use, please see our Amazon wish lists. Many of the suggestions are for the pets themselves, but there are also suggestions for making the job of fosters much easier! Just think, you could be buying items that help make someone who is otherwise on the fence about volunteering, a confident foster!



Donor Privacy

We know that your privacy is important to you. We do not share your information with anybody, outside of the website we use to collect financial donations (Zeffy; here is their Terms of Use, and their Privacy Policy). We use your donor information to thank you, to send you email updating you on recent developments, and to send you a tax donation receipt.

You may be removed from our list of past donors at any time by emailing your request to

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