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Emergency Home Visits

If a pet and owner are separated by an emergency situation, we can visit their home to check on the pet daily as needed.

This is the best option for owners who have a home, but do not have anybody to check on their pets and they cannot go home themselves for a few days.

You can register your pet with us before you need us, so that if an emergency does arise we can quickly complete the formalities and begin taking care of your pet.


In order to qualify for emergency home visits, you (the owner) must be in a situation where you are kept apart from your pet, AND there is nobody else who can take care of them. Additionally, you must be primarily living within the Auburn, WA city limits.


Emergency home visits are subject to the availability of a pet sitter. It is unlikely that we will not be able to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees.

Pet Sitters

All of our pet sitters have been fully vetted by Nomad Pet Fostering. They are people who love animals, are extremely respectful of the property of others, and they are all volunteers. The identities of our pet sitters are confidential, and will NOT be provided to the owner of the visited pet. However, we will make every effort to make sure you get an update on your pet once a day. One of our volunteers will come to your location to get the necessary information about your pet(s) and your home. They will also need to have a way to enter your home. A pet sitter will then be assigned, and the sitter will enter your home to feed, water, clean up after, and give love to your pet(s).

Care of Your Pet

We know this is a tough time for you and for your pet. We do our best to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy while they are in our care. If we suspect a medical condition is affecting your pet, we may take your pet to one of our veterinary partners for assessment; should treatment be necessary, we will use our judgement to make decisions that are best for the future of your pet.

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