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Free Pet Fostering

If a pet and owner are separated by an emergency situation, we can foster the pet for up to 90 days until they can be reunited with their owner.

In all cases, our goal is to reunite the pet with their original owner!

You can register your pet with us before you need us, so that if an emergency does arise we can quickly complete the formalities and get your pet to a calmer, safer place.


In order to qualify for free pet fostering, you (the owner) must be in a situation where you are kept apart from your pet (such as being hospitalized or detained), AND the only other option for your pet is to be taken to an animal shelter and potentially adopted by somebody else. Additionally, you must be primarily living within the Auburn, WA city limits. Although this service is primarily intended for unhoused people to use, there are no other requirements.


Free pet fostering is subject to the availability of a suitable pet foster home. If we do not have space for your pet, we can help you connect with other, similar services. Priority is always given to unhoused people.

Foster Homes and Parents

All of our foster parents have been fully vetted by Nomad Pet Fostering. They are people who love animals, understand that pets they foster for us may have some issues to overcome, and they are all volunteers. ​Their homes have also been fully inspected by Nomad Pet Fostering, and are safe for your pet. The identities and locations of our foster parents and homes are confidential, and will NOT be provided to the owner of the fostered pet. However, we will make every effort to make sure you get an update on your pet at least once a week. One of our volunteers will come to your location to take custody of your pet, and then transport the pet to their foster home. When it is time to reunite you, a volunteer will transport the pet from their foster home to a suitable location for you to meet them.

Care of Your Pet

We know this is a tough time for you and for your pet. We do our best to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy while they are in our care. If we suspect a medical condition is affecting your pet, we may take your pet to one of our veterinary partners for assessment; should treatment be necessary, we will use our judgement to make decisions that are best for the future of your pet.

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