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Fostering with Nomad Pet Fostering

Fostering with us a little different than it is for an animal shelter! The pets we care for already have owners, and are not looking for new homes. Rather than getting pets adopted, our goal is to keep pets with their current owners, and we do this by taking care of the pets when the owners are in the hospital, treatment, detained, or fleeing domestic violence. Owners are never given information about fosters! They will never speak with you, or see you, directly unless you choose to meet them. They will not know what city you live in, or what your last name is, or how to contact you directly.

As a foster with us, you control which cases you will and will not take. You get to choose what type(s) of animal(s) you would like to foster, the maximum length of time you would like to foster any given animal, and even within those parameters you can always decline a case if you are asked to take it.

Nomad Pet Fostering provides all necessary supplies for the pet, including food, bedding, and some toys. We also cover veterinary costs up to $400 for each animal, and the owner is responsible for the rest, meaning you will not have to pay any vet bills at all!

You can also take breaks from fostering between cases, and if you must go out of town while you have a foster pet in your care we will try to help you with pet care while you are gone (this is subject to having another available foster who is willing to take over while you are away).

Perhaps the best thing about fostering with Nomad Pet Fostering is that we don't do "foster fails"! All of the animals in our care already have owners who love them very much, and who want them back. It has been extraordinarily rare for an animal to be abandoned in our care, and when that does happen we transfer the animal to a humane society or shelter as quickly as we can so it can find a new permanent home.

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