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Your Pet is Sick or Injured

There are many resources to help with vet bills. This is a list of many, although there are more out there.

Rainier Animal Fund "assists families who are able to demonstrate substantial financial need and cannot afford the full cost of their pet’s veterinary care. This help is provided through regularly scheduled RAF clinics and by applying for a grant to cover individual care on a case-by-case basis."

"If you are in need of veterinary care and are low-income, facing housing insecurity or other urgent issues with a pet, then please contact us at or (425) 649-7561"

PACK is "dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals by providing funds for veterinary care, food and supplies to animals in need."

This program offers one-time grants of up to $200 to apply to vet bills, if those bills are non-routine (so not something like vaccines) and non-emergency. This is a good place to go if your pet has been feeling ill for a bit.

STARelief "provides financial assistance and resources to pet caretakers and families who are experiencing financial hardship. We provide assistance for routine and emergency veterinary care for those who meet our requirements."

Frankie's Friends specializes in helping to offset the costs of care for pets with cancer or other life-threatening conditions.

This is another great resource for help with vet bills to cover non-basic, non-emergency care for your pet.

Public Veterinary Assistance Fund (Auburn Valley Humane Society)

AVHS offers up to $500 toward vet bills for income-qualified Auburn residents. These can only be used for non-routine, non-diagnostic care.

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