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Join our Leadership Team!

Nomad Pet Fostering is entirely volunteer-run. We are looking for a few special people to volunteer in positions of more responsibility.

Experience is not necessary! Successful candidates will shadow the person currently doing the job, becoming more independent over time. The way the job is currently done is not necessarily how it must be done - how the job gets done is always open to change.

  • Executive Director
    The executive director has several jobs within Nomad. First, they are the public face of Nomad - they are the one that meets with others when setting up something new, they are the one who is "in charge" of things on a day-to-day basis, and they are the one who reports to the Board of Directors about what Nomad is up to. The executive director should attend all major events, and maintain good relationships with other relevant agencies (such as humane societies, animal control, law enforcement, and human services). This takes around 5 hours per week (for the average week).

  • Animal Care Coordinator
    The animal care coordinator makes sure the animals get everything they need! This includes making vet appointments, making decisions related to what care each animal needs and how to provide that, and overseeing related policies. This role typically takes 30 minutes per week per animal in our care.

  • Volunteer Coordinator
    The volunteer coordinator keeps track of all the Nomads, making sure that we are staffing necessary roles and that volunteers are getting what they need from Nomad. The volunteer coordinator is also in charge of volunteer applications and onboarding. This role currently takes 2-3 hours per week.

  • Marketing Coordinator
    The marketing coordinator is in charge of our publicity. This includes making sure our social media presence is up to date and correct. This role is currently limited by the abilities of the person filling it, but can definitely grow and change with the right person. This role takes 3-5 hours per week.

  • Events Coordinator
    The events coordinator plans our events. Typically this means signing up for events several months (or more) ahead of time, planning our booth and activities there, and making sure we have appropriate staff on hand to run things smoothly. This role takes very little time during some months (fall and winter) and a lot of time during others (the summer). During light times, it takes around 1 hour per week. During busy times, it takes 5-7 hours per week.

Executive Director
Animal Care Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Events Coordinator
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