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You Want to Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

Spaying/neutering can be an emotional topic, but if you want to be sure that your pet does not have babies (which you then need to care for) or make another pet have babies (which somebody else will hopefully care for), the only way is to make sure your pet is not able to do so. There are many ways to have your pet spayed or neutered for low- or no-cost, by experienced veterinarians, in a safe environment.

NW Spay & Neuter does have a price for those who can afford it, but there are also vouchers available for those who cannot. If you would like help getting a voucher, please contact us at

Clayton's Fund (for pitties and pittie-mixes, through NW Spay & Neuter)

Exclusively for those smiling pitties we all love, NW Spay & Neuter has a special fund to help with their spay and neuter costs.

Pasado's Safe Haven offers low-cost spay and neuter services for Snohomish and Pierce counties.

The Seattle Animal Shelter offers spay and neuter services, including financial assistance for qualified pet owners.

Seattle Humane also performs spay and neuter surgeries. Please scroll down to the "Additional Assistance" section for information about financial assistance.

Meow Cat Rescue does not perform these surgeries, but they DO offer vouchers for free surgeries elsewhere!

South County Cats (and dogs!)

Don't let the name fool you, South County Cats offers spay/neuter vouchers for both cats AND dogs! Be sure to read the website carefully - there's a lot of information there.

South County Cats partners with Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project, but don't get confused - they do pet cats too! Even if you don't get a voucher, their prices are very low, and they have a location in Renton.

The Waggle Foundation and the Community Cat Fund are partnering up to help you raise money to get your cat spayed or neutered. You can do this for one cat or lots of cats!

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