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The Nomad Team: Volunteers

Nomad volunteers are kept anonymous, but are present and appreciated.

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Dr. Adrienne Battle, a local physics professor, founded Nomad Pet Fostering, and is currently on the Board of Directors as well as the Director of everyday operations. She has been an “animal person” for her whole life, and has volunteered for many years with them - from caring for them at animal shelters and rescues, to volunteering with her dog Hooke as a Therapy Dog Team with Pet Partners and visiting inpatients and outpatients at hospitals. She currently has 3 dogs of her own, and loves cats as well.

The Nomad Team: Board of Directors

Vice Chair:



Member at Large:

Dr. Adrienne Battle

Dr. Adrienne Battle

Melissa Bailey

Annette Elledge

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Chair: Brian Stubbs

Brian grew up in the Puget Sound area and can't think of living anywhere that doesn't have the forests, lakes, and mountains we have. While he doesn't have any pets of his own right now, several dogs in his life have claimed him and have him wrapped around their paws.

For minutes of board meetings, please contact us at

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