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Lonely pet
Pets getting care

Artwork by Bethe Sailer

We help pets and owners living in Auburn, WA stay together

Our mission is to keep pets and owners together, by offering free pet fostering services when owners are in emergency situations. We focus on the unhoused community, but are open to helping others as well.

If you (or someone you know) are taken to a place your pets can't follow (such as a hospital or jail), but there is nobody else to take care of them for you, we are here to help so that your pet is not taken to the animal shelter and adopted by somebody else.

We are also able to go to your house and check in on your pets if you are unable to do so due to an emergency situation, such as being hospitalized or detained. All of our services are 100% confidential - information about the owner and about the pet is never shared outside of our organization.

As with any non-profit, volunteer organization, we have limited resources. Our first priority is helping the unhoused.

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