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The Nomad Rules

In order to help owners have the best experience through this process, we have a few rules.

Your Responsibilities

1. You are required to check in with Nomad Pet Fostering at least once every week. You can do this through phone calls, text messages, email, or in person at the Auburn Resource Center. 2. You are required to continue searching for another temporary housing situation for your pet. If you can find another option, then we can help another pet. 3. If you decide to rehome your pet, you need to inform Nomad Pet Fostering of this decision as soon as you are sure. A volunteer will contact you to legally sign your pet over to Nomad Pet Fostering, which allows us to post them on rehoming websites and to work with shelters and rescues to transfer your pet for adoption.

Our Responsibilities

1. We will update you, the owner, on your pet's wellbeing at least once a week. 2. We will keep your pet safe, healthy, and well fed to the best of our abilities. 3. We will cover any veterinary costs for urgent medical issues of your pet.

What If...?

1. What if you, the owner, do not check in each week? In that situation, Nomad Pet Fostering will use all contact information we have for both you and your emergency contact to re-establish communication with you. However, if that fails, after 7 days without communication your pet will be assumed to be abandoned. This means your pet will legally become property of Nomad Pet Fostering, and we will transfer your pet to a rescue or shelter to be adopted into a new home. 2. What if your pet needs veterinary care but it's not an emergency? We will put off any veterinary intervention that is not necessary for quality of life. We do this not because we don't care about your pet, but because we cannot afford to treat every condition pets may present with. If there is an underlying chronic medical issue we should be treating, please see our page on finding funding for veterinary care. 3. What if you, the owner, don't hear from us, Nomad Pet Fostering for a week or more? You need to reach out to us!

The Full Terms and Conditions

When you register your pet with us, and again when you sign the immediate care agreement, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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