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Longhaul Sunday Spotlight

Every other Sunday, this page will be updated with the animal who has been waiting for a new home for the longest, from each of four local animal shelters.

Argus 2_edited.jpg


Argus is a large Great Pyrenees mix. He has blossomed in his foster home becoming a happy go lucky guy. He has made new canine friends, attempted to befriend a horse and met neighbors small and large. He love playing with his jollyball. Keep away is a favorite game of his. He prefers a king sized bed to share with you and please hide those toilet paper rolls! This guy loves to go on walks and explore, sniffing everywhere and catching up with the neighborhood gossip. He enjoys being outside and also snuggling in bed, or the floor, or even the couch. He would do best in a home with space or acreage and older children in the home. Please reach out to the shelter between 11am-5:30pm any day, shelter closed on Thursdays, to set up a time to meet him.


Hi, my name is Bobo and I would love to meet you. I have been at the shelter since Mar 14, 2023. There’s no better place than cuddled up close to my human on the comfiest couch. I’m the kind of dog that enjoys an easy-going lifestyle. Movie marathons, binge-watching shows, designated nap times, and regular pets are some of my favorite activities to do with my people! I am currently in a foster home.



(Regional Animal Services of King County)

Hi! My name is Eeyore and I am available for adoption.

I was brought in by a good samaritan on May 13, 2023.

I weigh 65.0 lbs and am considered a "large breed" dog.

I am a very treat motivated dog and will "sit" for them.

I must admit I am a very shy dude and may have stranger danger. I was orginally found out in the fields alone before arriving at RASKC so I may have a hard time trusting people at first. Once I know you I show my silly side.

I walk well on leash and my foster parent reported that I did not have any accidents in the home, and appear to be potty trained; I know what to do when I go outside! ;)

I'm quite the couch potato, and have been described as low-energy. I might not enjoy long hikes in the outdoors, but I would enjoy sitting by your side at the lake, on the couch, or really anywhere! Once I get to know you I'm very loyal and like to cuddle with my person, but I don't share well with others so a home with other cats and dogs would not be a good fit for me.

Due to my shy nature I would thrive best in a home WITHOUT younger children (fast movements and loud noises scare me). I would probably do best in a single person home or introduce me to new people gradually.

My personality color is RED. I am a spirited dog with a fun-loving personality! I am still working on my manners, so I would do best with a family who is willing to work with me and help me become the best dog I can be!


If his photo didn't give it away, Hank is a leaner! This 7 month old Siberian Husky boy is looking for a new adventure-filled family to share hikes, runs, and long walks with. In his previous home, he championed the sport of pole vaulting (minus the pole) over his owner's 6 foot fence so will do best in a home where he is supervised while outdoors. While we're certain of his awesome leaping abilities, Hank did not have any interactions with cats, young children, or other dogs in his former home. If you'd like to view Hank in the fur, come visit Metro Animal Services during regular business hours.

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