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Adoptable Animals

Nomad Pet Fostering does not, as a rule, take care of animals who don't have owners. However, from time to time owners will place their animals with us and then decide they cannot reclaim them. In those cases, we do our best to find those animals a new, wonderful home.

There is an adoption process:

1. Schedule a meet and greet so you and the animal can decide if you are a good fit.

2. Fill out an application (links below).

Dog Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Application

3. Then we will call the references you have given us.

4. We will schedule a home visit to determine if your home is a good environment for the pet.

5. Once you are approved to adopt from us, you need to fill out the Adoption Contract. Adoption fees vary; we are happy to discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis.

6. Once steps 1-5 are complete, you can take your new pet home!

We currently have no pets up for adoption.

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